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Learn African 
languages - easily!

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African language courses for all levels

At Sankofa Language School you will find various African language courses for every language level. In our online courses we offer language courses for beginners and advanced level as well as courses for children.

The language courses take place in small groups of 8-10 people and are taught by our native-speaking & qualified language teachers.
In addition to language and writing, our language courses also include insights into culture, social issues and everyday situations on the schedule.

No matter which course you choose: At Sankofa Sprachschule you will learn the language with pleasure and in a relaxed atmosphere. Our experienced lecturers are happy to answer your questions and requests at any time and integrate them into the lessons.

We look forward to you!

Semester Dates

SS2023  |  February, 13th 2023 - May 13th 2023
SWS2023  |  SEMESTER CANCELLED (We are restructuring)
WS2023 |  Oct, 2nd 2023 - Dec. 10th 2023 [UPDATE]
WS2023 x Intensive courses |  Dec, 4th 2023 - Dec. 16th 2023

Our language course offer

Are you interested in learning an African language or deepening your skills? Then you have come to the right place.
We offer courses for all ages and levels. From children's courses, beginners' courses to advanced courses - all options are possible.
So that you can see the quality of our courses for yourself, we also offer you 2 free trial lessons for our language courses.
One trial lesson corresponds to a teaching unit of 60 minutes and can be arranged for all current online and face-to-face courses.

Of course, our participants receive a language certificate at the end of the course.


Regular price:

372 € per semester  (exclusive the deposit of 50€)

Duration: 3 months = 11 weeks or 21 teaching units
1 lesson = 2 x  45 minutes (per week)

The registration is only valid in connection with a deposit of 50 €.

Reduced price*

279 per semester  (exclusive the deposit of 50€)

Duration: 3 months = 11 weeks or 21 teaching units
1 lesson = 2 x  45 minutes (per week)

*Discounts apply to trainees, schoolchildren, students and the unemployed. Reductions can only be granted upon presentation of proof. A valid proof must be sent to [email protected].

The registration is only valid in connection with a deposit of 50 €.

Children's course price:

210per semester (exclusive the deposit of 50€)

Duration: 4 months = 15 weeks or 15 teaching units
1 lesson = 45 minutes (per week)

The registration is only valid in connection with a deposit of 50 €.

Private Lessons

  • 1 Hour Lesson:  46€

We offer 6, 10 & 20 lessons.
*Individual number of hours possible by arrangement. Write us a message here.

PAYMENT OPTIONS:                         

⬜   One-time payment
⬜   Installment payments (3-4 installments)

Our offer: All of our course materials are already included in the price.

Important - Please read carefully:

You have the option of attending the first appointment (2 x 45min) as a trial appointment. Should you decide not to continue with the course, you must inform the administration on the following day at the latest, in the case of intensive courses on the same day, otherwise the full course fee will be due.

Before the first course date: If you are unable to attend the course despite registering, you must inform the administration no later than 2 working days before the course starts, otherwise the full course fee will be due.

During the course: If you decide in the meantime during the course not to continue attending the course, the full course fee will still be due!

Why Sankofa Language School ?

Qualified & experienced lecturers

Favorable prices 
per lesson

Learn languages ​​online
or in a classroom

Small study 

The Sankofa language school certificate

At the end of the language course, all participants receive a certificate or a certificate of achievement. This enables you to prove your acquired language skills at Sankofa Language School.
Language certificates are often required both for studies and for a professional career. The Sankofa language school certificate always refers to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL).
All the information necessary for international comparability is available there.
Important: Please note that the Sankofa Language School certificate differs from officially recognized certificates. We cannot guarantee that this document will be recognized by your university or employer.

What did you particularly like about the course?

"I love the lessons at Sankofa. Finally an opportunity to learn African languages ​​authentically and professionally. I can only recommend it to anyone who wants to expand their african language skills"

Rabi S.
Twi Advanced Course WS2020)

"Competent and lovely teachers. I enjoyed it so much that I did 2 courses this year. The best thing is that you meet other people within your community and it's open for possibilities to connect."

(Rebecca K.
Twi Beginner Course WS2020)

"Thank you for the great course! When is the next course starting???"

Lingala Beginner Course SS2020)